At Bamah Nissi, we exceed the highest standards of engineering and construction in the world!

Bamah Nissi Multilinks Limited is an engineering & construction/contracting company with core competence in Real Estate Consultancy, Engineering and Project Management. It was incorporated in Nigeria as a limited liability company on September 15, 2006 (RC 666924). We are equipped and structured to provide highly coordinated and impressive designs in Building, Engineering and related construction fields through our invaluable, highly competent and experienced professionals.


The company provides a full range of services to its clients due to its professional outlook and it is comprised of large group of experts in the areas of architecture, law, financial management, engineering, surveying, business development and marketing.


Our main line of business is real estate, and we have developed various strategic partnerships and alliances that help us in achieving our aims in this regard. What we seek to do is to create a flawless sequence of processes using both internal outsourced resources to create a perfect workflow and project delivery process in meeting our set delivery targets and timelines.