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RAINBOW RAIN ESTATE....……………. The Ibeju Lekki Haven 

Rainbow Rain estate is our company’s quota towards the alleviation of the housing deficit challenge currently plaguing Nigeria. Our estate is situated within the Lekki Free Trade Zone; about Ten (10)Minutes drive from the Lagos Free Trade Zone, five (5)minute drives from the new permanent site of the Pan Africa University, and about two-minute drive from Amen Estate. The Rainbow estate is strategically located along the coaster road and is about 600-750 meters from the Eleko Beach.  The Lekki Peninsula is classified as one of the fastest growing peninsula in the world with properties growth of between 75-150% annually depending on the location. 


The project is situated in at Museyo Village, and the site is in close proximity to the Eleko beach, Amen Estate and the Lagos Free Trade Zone with the Ibeju Lekki Local Government area of Lagos State. 

The company has a deed of assignment from the landowners while we have made a considerable progress in the processing of the governor’s consent. The owners of the land possess the legal and legitimate right, as the land is absolutely free from all possible liens or encumbrances. 


Features & Facilities Proposed for Rainbow Rain Estate

Infrastructure proposed for Rainbow Estate will include the following:
Street light
♠Electrification comprising;(transformer, strings, poles connection to national  grid)
♠Standby generator set to power the street light
♠Paved major road with drainage
♠Recreation centre
♠Central Water Treatment Plant
♠Complimentary Solar (Panel) Renewable Energy Facility
♠Well coordinated paved (macadamized) Road Network
♠Efficient Drainage System
♠Efficient Waste Disposal System
♠Waste Treatment Facility
♠Estate Shopping Mall
♠Central Park (Green Areas) with two mini outlying parks
♠Adequately-equipped Security Post with Trained  Security Personnel
♠Swimming Pools (strategically located for easy access)
♠Privately-run Crèches and Primary Schools